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Tennessee Premises Liability Lawyer

Our Experienced Premises Liability Lawyers Fight for the Rights of Tennessee Injury Victims

The premises liability attorneys at Weir & Kestner are dedicated to helping you seek the compensation you deserve if you have been injured in an accident. While premises liability lawsuits are common, they are rarely straightforward, requiring knowledge and expertise to defend successfully.

If you have incurred significant medical expenses, pain, and suffering, lost wages, or unemployment as a result of a premises liability accident, we are here to assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve. Our personal injury attorneys are highly skilled and have extensive experience in handling cases involving negligent business owners and property owners.

Reach out to the personal injury lawyers at Weir & Kestner today to learn more about how we can use our experience and knowledge to your advantage. Call our office at 615-220-4180 to schedule your free consultation.

Were You Injured on Someone Else's Property?

Property owners owe a duty of care to certain people who venture onto the property. The three categories of people who may be on the property include the following:

  1. An invitee is a person visiting the property to conduct business or for another reason that benefits both parties. Restaurant patrons and retail shoppers are included in this category.
  2. A social visitor is someone who is welcome on the property but who was not necessarily invited, such as a family member or friend.
  3. A trespasser is a person who is not welcome on the property.

Our Personal Injury Law Firm Represents Clients Across Tennessee

At the Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers, our premises liability attorneys represent clients throughout Tennessee.

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When you have been seriously injured in a premises liability accident, the last thing you need is a complex legal analysis of your situation.  Premises liability accidents occur on the property of a business or land owner and seek to hold them accountable for their negligence.  After a premises liability accident, what you need is help dealing with hospital bills, and insurance adjusters so you can focus on getting the medical care you need to get better. There are plenty of out-of-state personal injury lawyers in who spend millions on TV and billboards just to treat you like just another number.  At Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers, we focus on you and take the time to understand your situation.  Our goal is to take all the stress off you, so you can focus on getting better.

What Makes Us Different

Our attorneys used to work for insurance companies, so they understand what the insurance companies and insurance lawyers are trying to accomplish.  However, our attorneys use this inside knowledge of the insurance industry to your advantage.  Attorneys Joe Weir and Tony Kestner will fight to protect your right to a full and fair recovery from the negligent business. Along with our top-quality personal injury legal services, we are unique in that we are dedicated to providing:


From day one, our focus is on relieving your stress and helping you get better. When you come to us, we will help you with your immediate needs rather than overwhelming you with legal jargon and deadlines. When you’re ready, we will make a plan for moving forward and help you understand every step we take.


We pride ourselves on our open lines of communication and our quick response time with clients. We treat each of our clients as if they are our only client and you will have direct contact with our attorneys. We take the time to answer all of your questions.  Unlike many attorneys, we are approachable and easy to talk to.

Don’t Settle for Less Than What You Deserve

When you have been seriously injured in premises liability accident that wasn’t your fault, you may have the right to be compensated. The insurance company or business, however, does not want you to know that. They will do their best to protect their bottom line, which means paying you as little as they can get away with. When you work with Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers, we will fight to get you the damages you deserve, including the following:

Medical Bills

The compensation you get should cover all of your past, current, and future medical expenses. Our knowledgeable team will consult with doctors to determine what your medical needs are and what they will cost.

Permanent Impairment

If your premises liability accident left you permanently disabled, special consideration will have to be given to your future financial needs. Our attorneys have experience in valuing these kinds of claims and will make sure you are fully compensated.

Pain And Suffering

These damages are intended to compensate you for the pain you have suffered and the trauma you have endured as a result of the accident. Because there is no price tag on pain, it can be difficult to calculate these damages, but our attorneys are experienced in documenting pain and suffering.

Lost Wages

If you are unable to work because of the injuries you suffered, you should be compensated for the income you have lost, as well as any sick or vacation time you have had to take to recover.

you dont pay unless we win (1)

It takes skill and experience to negotiate for the full value of your claim, and our attorneys have what it takes.

You Pay Nothing Up Front

We don’t charge our clients a dime until we are able to resolve their claim successfully. Because of this contingency fee arrangement, it costs you nothing up front to work with our experienced attorneys. While we do the work, you can focus on getting your life back to what it was before the accident. 

Contact Tennessee Premises Liability Lawyers Tony Kestner and Joe Weir

There’s no need to suffer alone due to someone else’s negligence. The experienced premises liability lawyers team at Weir & Kestner Injury Attorneys focus on providing the best possible representation to victims of premises liability accidents. Contact us online or call our office directly at 615.220.4180 to schedule your free consultation. If you’re not ready to talk, but still want to learn more about your rights, allow us to email you a complimentary copy of 5 Tricks Insurance Companies Play on Unrepresented Injury


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