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Smyrna Clients Injured By Intoxicated Driver Each Win Six Figure Policy Limits

In March 2022, our client was driving her Nissan Quest in Smyrna, Tennessee.  It was snowing, so she was driving cautiously with three passengers in her vehicle.   As she continued on Almaville Road approaching the Seven Oaks Boulevard intersection the unthinkable happened. A pickup truck crossed the center line and crashed head on into her vehicle.  The collision caused substantial damage to her Quest. Three occupants were injured and were transported to StoneCrest Medical Center. 

The police officers at the scene determined the pickup truck driver was intoxicated. To make matters worse, the negligent driver did not have any insurance information.  He was charged with DUI and taken from the scene of the accident. 

Unsure what to do, and facing substantial medical treatment, our client called our 24-7 injury line. Our intake team gathered all the necessary information and connected her to an injury lawyer at Weir & Kestner. After a severe accident, there is always lots of anxiety and stress. Our goal was to reassure her we would take care of them. 

Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers immediately began investigating the accident. We confirmed the negligent driver was uninsured.  So, we reviewed our client’s auto insurance policy, and initiated a claim under her uninsured motorist coverage.  Based on the medical information we believed this case was an aggregate policy limits case, and each injured occupant was entitled to $100,000.  

Using the results of the investigation, Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers aggressively executed a pre-litigation strategy and prosecuted the claim to the fullest extent of the law. We promptly issued a demand package for policy limits.  With each injured person recovering at different times, we pushed for each domino to fall.  After aggressively pushing the case, the insurance company paid the full $100,000 per person for a total of $300,000.    



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