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How much is my truck accident case really worth?

If you were involved in a truck accident, you might be able to recover both economic and non-economic damages. The amount of compensation you will be able to secure will depend on the evidence gathered after the crash, the extent of your injuries, and whether you shared any responsibility for the crash.

Factors to Consider When Valuing Your Injury Claim

When we work to determine the value of your claim, we will look at the following:

Medical Bills

This includes current medical bills as well as medical bills you may have in the future. We want to ensure you have enough to cover the procedures, surgeries, and rehabilitation you will need to reach a maximum level of recovery.

Lost Wages and Income

If you have been unable to work after being involved in a truck accident, your wages should be reimbursed. If your injuries will prevent you from working in the future, your future wage loss is also a consideration.

Pain and Suffering

These non-economic damages include emotional distress, physical pain, loss of enjoyment in life, loss of relationships, and more.

If you are found to have been partly at fault in the crash, your compensation will be reduced by the percentage of fault you are assigned.

Evidence Needed to Prove Your Truck Accident Claim

Gathering sufficient evidence to prove your truck accident claim is not easy, and this is why working with an attorney is so important. With a truck accident, there may be several liable parties, and some of them may believe you shared in the responsibility for the accident. Your attorney will know what evidence to gather and how to demand that the other parties comply with your right to conduct an accident investigation.

Evidence to help prove your claim will likely include:

  • Police reports
  • Witness accounts of the accident
  • Video or photographic evidence
  • Medical records regarding your injuries
  • Analysis of vehicle damage
  • A background check of the trucker, including work logs and maintenance records
  • A safety check of the tractor and trailer

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