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You’re in a Car Accident: Now What?

So, you find yourself in a car accident you didn’t cause, but you’re not sure what to do or how to make sure you handle the situation in the right way.  It is hard to have a clear mind when you’ve been in an accident, especially when injuries are involved. Here are some good do’s and don’ts to commit to memory just in case you ever find yourself in a car accident.

Do: Call The Police

Calling the police should be one of your first actions after making sure you’re safe, the engine of your vehicle is turned off and you’ve had a moment to collect your thoughts.  Even though a police report is not absolutely necessary, not having one can sometimes make your injury case more difficult to win.  So, make sure you complete an accident report and obtain an accident report number.

Don’t: Make a Post or Stream on Social Media

Online posts can cause harm to a plaintiff’s case.  Though it may be tempting to live stream what is going on, or vent frustrations, it is best not to post about the accident online.

Do: Take Photos

Taking photos from different angles of the accident scene and vehicle property damage is important.  Also, take pictures of any and all physical injuries.  These photographs can be vital evidence in an accident injury case.

Don’t: Hesitate to be seen by a Doctor.

Many injuries show up days after a car accident. Even if you walked away feeling fine initially, it is still a good idea to get into a doctor immediately and have a full checkup.   Bottom line:  If you are in pain go see a doctor immediately.

Do: Contact Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers 

Consultations are always free, and we only get paid if we win.  Joe and Tony and their team have been winning personal injury cases for more than a decade.  We have won millions of dollars for thousands of clients right here in Middle Tennessee.

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