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Working From Home and Worker’s Compensation Laws

One of the fastest growing workplaces is an employee’s home.  This has increased dramatically during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, where some people were able to work remotely.  However, as people work from home, accidents and injuries can still occur.  Therefore, it is important to know your rights when you are working from home either temporarily or full time.

Work From Home Injuries In Tennessee

In Tennessee, a work injury is compensable when the accident and injury arises out of and occurs in the course and scope of employment. Tennessee law states:

“when it takes place within the period of the employment, at a place where the employee reasonably may be, and while the employee is fulfilling work duties or engaged in doing something incidental thereto.” 

Thus, workers’ compensation laws do offer protection for workers who are working from home or telecommuting. 

What Should You Do If You've Been Hurt While Working From Home

There are many nuances involved and the facts of each accident are critical.  So, if you do have an accident and get hurt while working from home be sure to report the injury immediately, take pictures, make notes, and gather all the relevant information.  Those actions may be critical in proving your case and establishing that you are entitled to workers’ compensation.  This is important as workers’ compensation has to pay medical bills and pay a portion of your average weekly wage if a doctor takes you off work for a time.  Last, if the injury is permanent, you may be entitled to a settlement for any permanent impairment a doctor finds after you complete treatment.    

If you have been injured while working at home, please contact us online or call us directly at 615.220.4180 for a free consultation.

Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers remain proud and committed to protecting the rights of our community members.  With the ever-changing employment landscape and the increasing use of technology, this area of the law will continue to evolve.

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