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Someone hit my car and drove off. What do I do now?

A guide for hit-and-run victims

Imagine driving home after a long day, your thoughts already on the comfort waiting for you, when suddenly—bang! Before you can even process what happened, the other car speeds off, leaving you stunned with a damaged vehicle. This guide is for anyone who thought, “Someone hit my car and drove off.” It’s a distressing experience, but you’re not alone. Let’s navigate this journey together, offering clarity and guidance.

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someone hit my car and drove off

Understanding hit-and-run accidents

A hit-and-run is when a driver causes an accident and leaves the scene without providing contact information or waiting for the police. It’s a cowardly act that leaves victims feeling helpless and frustrated. But even when the person responsible drives off, you still have options and rights.

Does liability insurance cover hit-and-runs?

First, if you’re wondering, “Does liability insurance cover hit and run?” here’s what you need to know. Liability insurance typically covers damages you cause to others. In the case of a hit and run, your collision or uninsured motorist coverage comes into play. These parts of your insurance policy can help cover repairs to your vehicle and medical expenses, even when the at-fault driver is unknown. It’s like having a safety net when the responsible person vanishes into thin air.

How to report a hit-and-run

Reporting a hit-and-run is crucial, not just for insurance purposes but also for legal reasons. Here’s a step-by-step guide on reporting a hit-and-run:

  1. Safety first: Ensure you and any passengers are safe. Move to a secure location if needed.
  2. Call the police: Even if the culprit has fled, the police need to document the incident. It’s like telling a friend about a promise; it holds more weight when there’s a record.
  3. Gather evidence: Take photos of your vehicle, the accident scene, and any injuries. It’s akin to collecting puzzle pieces that, when put together, reveal the complete picture of what happened.
  4. Look for witnesses: If anyone saw the accident, get their contact information. They’re like the audience in a play who saw the scene unfold and can recount the story.
  5. Notify your insurance: Inform your insurer about the accident. It’s like opening a case file for a detective to investigate and help you resolve the situation.

What to do after a hit-and-run

After the initial shock, you might wonder, “What to do after a hit-and-run?” Here’s a concise plan:

  1. Stay calm and document everything: Your emotions might run high, but remember, the details you collect are crucial for your insurance claim and legal action.
  2. Seek medical attention: Some injuries might not be immediately apparent, even if you feel fine. It’s like checking for internal damage after noticing a scratch on your car’s surface.
  3. Follow up: Contact the police and your insurance company. It’s a process, much like nurturing a plant, requiring attention and patience to resolve.

Did someone drive off after hitting your car? We can help.

Suppose you’ve ever been in a situation where someone hit your car and drove off; remember you’re not powerless. By understanding your insurance coverage, knowing how to report the incident, and taking the proper steps afterward, you can confidently navigate this challenging experience. Think of this guide as your roadmap, offering directions and support as you move forward from the unexpected.

Remember, Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers are here to help victims navigate the complexities of hit-and-run accidents. While the journey might seem daunting, you can find your way to a resolution with the right information and support.

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