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We Provide Personal Attention to Every Injury Case

After an injury accident your life can be turned upside down.  Medical bills, doctor appointments, insurance companies, and physical pain are just some of the things you experience.  You need a trusted injury lawyer who you feel is on your side.  You need an injury lawyer who clearly communicates a plan and is attentive to your needs.

One of the biggest complaints clients have for lawyers is their lack of communication and responsiveness.  Now, it’s a fact that injury lawyers are very busy.  You should want your injury lawyer working on injury cases rather than answering phone calls all day.  But, make no mistake about it, injury attorneys and their staff should provide regular updates on client cases when there are major developments.

Injury cases can be complex.  They have many different parts that require strategy and planning.  When Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers are contacted about a case, the prospective client is immediately connected with a live intake person.  We want to give each prospective client the opportunity to explain their situation and see if it meets our own case criteria.  We can’t take every case, nor is ever claim a viable legal case.  Once a case is determined to meet our initial legal criteria, the prospective client will speak to an actual lawyer.  NOT A PARALEGAL OR SALES AGENT.  It is vital a client establishes a relationship with a real lawyer who can answer the initial questions a client might have.  

Personal attention should begin at the beginning of a case and continue throughout the duration of the representation.  It doesn’t matter whether your accident is a truck accident, car accident, or slip/trip and fall, you deserve personal attention on your case.  Don’t settle for bad communication from a law office.  Your injury case deserves more than those firms who treat you like just another number.         

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