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How to Handle the Insurance Company After an Injury-Accident

When you’re injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault life becomes very stressful.  The pain affects your quality of life and your physical capabilities.  You start incurring medical bills and lost pay.  You also need more medical treatment.  All of this becomes one big ball of stress.  The last thing you need to do is try and take on a big powerful insurance company.

Insurance companies have an army of adjusters and lawyers working every minute of the day to minimize your claim.  For example, after a car accident, insurance companies often start making demands while acting like they are here to help you.  The reality is the insurance company is working to control your health and economic decisions for their own benefit.

After any injury causing accident, take a deep breath and focus on your health and wellbeing first.  If you were injured in a car or truck accident, an insurance company may start calling you wanting information and recorded statements.  You are under no obligation to speak to an insurance company immediately after an accident.   Wait until you’ve had time to take a breath and make informed decisions about your health and wellbeing.

Another option is to take a two-step approach to your injury claim following an auto-related accident.  If your vehicle is damaged you have a property damage claim.  Agree to talk to your auto insurance company or the at-fault insurance company ONLY to remedy your property damage.  This can remove the inconvience of not having a vehicle, but still allows you to control the most important part of your accident, your injury claim.  The insurance company desperately wants to control your injury claim in order to minimize losses (i.e. payout), so they will try to dictate your medical treatment and even make threats that they won’t pay.  We recently covered one specific way insurance companies try and limit their losses here:

After an injury accident, your goal should be to make the best decisions for your health, family, and future.  To do that you need a plan,  By yourself, you are at a disadvantage going up against the experience of a big insurance company.  With all the stress that follows an accident, you need a legal team who is on your side representing your best interests.  Don’t let the insurance company dictate what’s best for you.  

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