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How His Brother's Injury Case Inspired Attorney Tony Kestner

Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers is built on providing an authentic customer-focused experience.  When we say authentic we mean our own life experiences have shaped us and continue to motivate us everyday.  When Founding Partner, Tony Kestner, was an insurance defense lawyer his brother was in a car accident.  His brother told Tony how the insurance company told him he was not entitled to pain and suffering and that they wouldn’t pay his medical bills. 

Tony was appalled at how the insurance company was treating his brother.  He knew his days as a lawyer defending cases against injury victims were numbered.  He was not going to work for the insurance companies anymore.

Real-life experiences can be life changing.  For Tony Kestner, his brother’s experience with a car insurance company did just that.  That experience continues to inspire Tony to fight for injury clients.  Holding the insurance company accountable following an accident is what we do.  Insurance companies save millions of dollars because they use their vast resources and knowledge to avoid paying on claims.  Don’t let yourself fall victim to insurance company tricks and tactics.       

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