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How Much Compensation Can You Expect in a Tennessee Slip and Fall Case?

People who are injured in a slip and fall will wonder how much compensation they can expect from the owner of the premises where the incident occurred. If you talk to an experienced slip and fall lawyer, he or she will likely tell you that the final amount will depend on a number of factors.

Factors That Impact How Much Your Slip and Fall Case Is Worth

The primary considerations that will determine the outcome of your slip and fall case include:

  • Who is liable for the accident?
  • Did the liable party contribute to the accident through negligence?
  • Did the injured party cause or contribute to the accent?

Negligence usually refers to a dangerous situation that a reasonable individual could easily identify. These can include conditions or hazards that the liable party could have fixed to improve conditions before the accident.

A property or business owner would normally assume liability for injuries that occur at their property unless the plaintiff is found to have contributed to the accident. This can reduce the amount of damages to which the injured individual is entitled.

Other factors that can determine how much a slip and fall case is worth include:

  • The total for medical expenses, including those anticipated for the future
  • Whether your injuries required hospitalization
  • Whether your injuries are permanent
  • The amount of past and future lost wages
  • How your injuries will affect your everyday life—physically and emotionally

Don’t Settle Your Slip and Fall Case Too Early

If you suffer minor injuries in a slip and fall and are out of work for a couple of weeks, it isn’t difficult to determine how much money you lost from wages and paid out for medical treatment. But for serious injuries, more complex calculations are required to determine the extent of your losses. You may have future medical expenses, or you may be off work much longer than expected. Waiting to settle your case so that it includes future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering will help maximize your settlement.

Were You Injured in a Tennessee Slip and Fall Accident?

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