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Our Skilled Tennessee Injury Attorneys Provide Experienced and Empathetic Representation for Negligent Firearm Discharge Cases

Firearms-related activities, such as hunting, sports shooting, competitive shooting, as well as home and self-defense, have played a significant role in shaping Tennessee’s rich cultural history. As proud supporters of the Second Amendment, most Tennesseans are responsible gun owners who understand the solemn and profound obligations that come with our right to bear arms. This respect and reverence for proper firearms handling help keep our families and communities safe.

Sadly, not everyone follows best practices for firearms use and ownership. In an average year, hundreds of Tennesseans are injured—and dozens are killed—in unintentional shootings. While these shootings are commonly called “accidents,” they’re often entirely preventable. 

Experienced and Compassionate Legal Counsel for Tennessee Negligent Firearm Discharge Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases

If you were hurt or lost a loved one in a shooting or gun-related incident caused by another person or company’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to bear the financial burdens alone. You have the right to seek justice and compensation.

At Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers, we help clients in Smyrna, Nashville, Murfreesboro, Chattanooga, and throughout the Volunteer State understand their rights and options in Tennessee negligent firearm discharge civil cases. Considering taking legal action to pursue a financial recovery for accidental shooting injuries and losses? Here’s what you should know, including how our exceptional team of caring and capable injury attorneys can assist you.

Common Causes of Accidental Shootings

Unfortunately, most accidental shooting injuries and deaths could have been avoided had the at-fault party followed basic firearms safety protocols like those taught in Tennessee hunter education courses. Common causes of negligent firearms discharges include:

  • Insufficient training. Firearms can cause substantial harm in the hands of people who haven’t learned how to use, handle, maintain, and store them properly.
  • Unsafe handling. Treating every gun like it’s loaded and never pointing a gun at anyone you don’t intend to shoot are two of the first—and most important—rules of firearms safety. Sadly, the careless handling of firearms often results in deadly consequences.
  • Improper maintenance. Keeping a firearm in good shape is vital to preventing possible mechanical errors. Gun owners and users must also avoid inadvertently pointing the weapon at themselves or others during the cleaning process.
  • Unsafe storage. Leaving firearms and ammunition where young children can access them is one of the most frequent causes of unintentional shooting injuries and deaths in Tennessee and across the nation. 
  • Defective design or assembly. Though less common, some accidental firearm discharges may be caused by a gun with a defect in its design, or that was assembled incorrectly or with inferior materials.
  • Alcohol or drug use. Mixing deadly weapons and intoxicants that impair judgment have tragic results.

How We Can Help If You Were Hurt or Lost a Loved One in a Negligence-Related Tennessee Shooting

Did you suffer injuries or lose a loved one in a hunting accident? Was your child seriously injured or killed when they or another child found an unsecured gun at a babysitter’s house or sleepover?

If firearms negligence left you severely injured, facing mounting financial losses, or planning a funeral for a beloved family member, Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers can provide the trusted legal counsel you need to navigate this difficult time. Our experienced Tennessee attorneys handle personal injury and wrongful death cases on contingency, meaning there’s no fee unless we win. We also offer free initial consultations so you can learn about your rights and potential options for compensation. 

If we accept your case, we’ll work to identify possibly liable parties, gather essential evidence, talk to witnesses and experts, handle communications with the at-fault party’s insurer and lawyer, analyze and negotiate settlement offers, and prepare the matter for trial. Depending on the details of your claim, your recovery might include compensation for: 

  • Related medical expenses, including the estimated cost of future care
  • Lost wages or reduced earning capacity
  • Out-of-pocket costs
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Reduced enjoyment of life
  • Disability 
  • Funeral and burial/cremation expenses
  • Other losses

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