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COVID-19 And Our Middle Tennessee Community

What gets us up in the mornings is knowing we are in the business of helping people in our community. All our employees live and work here. We drive on the same roads and live our lives just like everyone else. So, we have experienced the pandemic just like every other member of our community. We also know the reality is COVID-19 will continue to have short and long-term effects.

The good news is the legal world tends to adjust to its reality. Post COVID-19, new types of legal claims will arise, and new laws will get passed. Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers is here to help you work through this evolving landscape and navigate the new changes. Recently, we had a client who thought she missed her chance to file an injury lawsuit. However, due to a COVID-19 Pandemic Order issued by the Tennessee Supreme Court, her statute of limitations deadline had been extended. She was ecstatic to hear that her claim was still alive.

During the height of COVID-19, and still today, many medical clinics have limited appointments or even temporarily closed. Our clients felt this impact because it resulted in interrupted and delayed treatment. And, you can bet the insurance companies will use gaps in treatment to devalue injury claims. It is not a fair tactic, but we fully intend to fight back on behalf of our clients.

Another new development in the law, will see new tort claims arise from people who have contracted the virus at work or been infected through negligence of another party. Also, people may injure themselves while working at home and have a worker’s compensation claim and not even realize it because they were “working from home.” Businesses that have been shuttered or lost revenue may also have legal claims. One thing is for sure, insurance companies will fight these claims just as hard as they did pre-pandemic.

The bottom line is that many new legal issues related to COVID-19 are unfolding as we speak. They are unfolding right here in our community and we are here to help. Our firm has a track record of success and helping members of our local community. We are actively working and preparing to deal with these issues in real time and give you answers as we navigate this unchartered territory together. If you have a question about an injury or injury claim contact us online or call us at 615.220.4180 to get the answers you deserve. Win Your Case. Lose Your Stress.

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