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Tennessee Pedestrian Accident Victim Wins Policy Limits Settlement

In October of 2021, our client was walking through the Smyrna, Tennessee Chili’s restaurant parking lot with a coworker when he was suddenly hit by a vehicle.  After striking our client, the vehicle left the accident scene making our client the victim of a hit & run accident.  Using surveillance video and witness statements the negligent driver of the vehicle was located.  It appeared the negligent driver was intoxicated and fled the scene of the accident.

Our injured client went to the emergency room by ambulance and his injuries would require additional treatment.  Hurting and stressed he called WK for help.  After speaking to our attorneys, we told him to focus on healing and we would hold the insurance company and their insured accountable. 

WK went to work and formed a game plan.  Based on the evidence we executed a specific pre-litigation case strategy that successfully obtained policy limits from the liability carrier and even additional money from the uninsured motorist carrier.  We were honored to have helped him through his difficult time.     

Pedestrian accidents are difficult tort cases.  Sometimes the injuries are catastrophic.  The human body is not built to absorb the impact of a motor vehicle.  In this case, Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers held both insurance carriers accountable and helped another client protect their injury rights.  Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers has helped thousands of people and recovered millions for clients just like this one. Win Your Case.  Lose Your Stress.


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