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Smyrna Client Wins Compensation at Mediation After Nashville Interstate Accident

In November 2018, our client was driving on busy Interstate 40 in Davidson County.  She was at a complete stop when she was suddenly involved in a chain reaction accident.  She was scared and she was hurting.

It was her senior year at a Smyrna, Tennessee high school.  She was a competitive cheerleader and involved in many school activities.  Unfortunately, her injuries would dramatically alter her senior year of high school.  

She suffered neck, back, and shoulder pain.  However, it became clear her shoulder was the main issue.  She had an MRI of her shoulder and it revealed an injury that would require surgery.

Her family hired us about six weeks later after the insurance company started minimizing her injuries.  Insurance companies use many different tactics to avoid paying.  Also, when multi-car accidents occur insurance companies look at every possible way to shift blame or apportion a percentage of blame onto different vehicles.  Every move is calculated to minimize their exposure.

Given the insurance companies involved and how the accident occurred we filed a lawsuit on her behalf.  The litigation process can be long and difficult, but it’s often necessary to maximize case value.  Insurance companies play the long game, but Mason was focused and determined.

We litigated her case for nearly three years.  We agreed to mediate the case after completing the discovery process.  We were able to resolve her case at the mediation for thousands of dollars more than what had been previously offered.  She’s relieved this chapter in her life is behind her and we are honored she allowed us to help her level the playing field.


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