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Slip & Fall Client Wins Award After Accident in Murfreesboro Retail Store

In November of 2016, our client, Katie, set out for some shopping at a Murfreesboro department store. She was hoping for some bonding time with her daughter. Unfortunately, during her shopping visit, Katie encountered a latent dangerous condition inside the store. What does that mean? Latent just means hidden or concealed. In premises liability cases like this one, dangerous conditions are often the cause of injuries and accidents.

Our Client’s Fall Causes a Serious Injury

On this day, this latent dangerous condition was on the floor, and it caused Katie to slip and fracture a bone in her foot. Unfortunately for Katie, there weren’t any witnesses, other than her very young daughter. She brought the dangerous condition to the attention of the employees. She was in a lot of pain. As she hobbled around, she knew she needed to seek medical attention and went to the emergency room. As it turned out, Katie needed a specialist, too.

In the days that followed, the department store’s insurance company began ignoring Katie’s phone calls. She was unable to play with her kids and perform all the work a stay-at-home mom must do. She was in a lot of pain and stressed that she was alone against the insurance company. So, Katie called Weir & Kestner and asked us to help. We immediately went to work for and demanded the preservation of all evidence, including video surveillance because this can be essential in a premises liability case.

We Put Our Resources to Work for Our Client

Over the course of the next year, we overcame several hurdles, including liability. Katie was able to concentrate on healing and recovery as we took the stress off her and her family. After almost an entire year of fighting, the insurance company paid up. Now, not only has she been compensated for everything she and her family went through, but she can also go back to being the awesome mom her family expects her to be and put her personal injury case behind her.

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