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Owner of Local Boro Wood Works Makes Recovery After Being Injured in Car Accident

On December 3rd, 2022, our clients, Carl and Gina Reed, were traveling on Shelbyville Pike in Rutherford County in their SUV hauling their business trailer.  Both clients work full-time jobs, but they also own Boro Wood Works, where they make beautiful custom wood products.  Their business takes up all of their free time, but it’s a labor of love.    

As our clients were traveling straight a driver swerved into their lane colliding with their business trailer. The impact caused them to lose control of their vehicle, swerving until they reached the side of the road where their trailer flipped over.  Not only did their SUV sustain damage, but their business trailer was substantially damaged.  To make matters worse, the accident caused injury to Gina.

After the accident, she went to the hospital for neck and back pain.  At the hospital, they performed CT scans and found she had both neck and back soft tissue injuries.

She was released and unsure what her options were, Gina called us.  We reviewed her case, and it was clear the defendant was negligent per se for violating at least two Tennessee statutes.  Section 55-8-136 – for failing to exercise due care, and Section 55-8-123 – for failure to maintain his lane of travel.  So, it was vital she protect her health from a damages perspective.

Following the accident, Gina continued having ongoing pain.  She began treatment with an orthopedic doctor and was referred to physical therapy.  She was released at maximum medical improvement a few months later. 

As we prepared her case for litigation, we performed a damages analysis prior to filing suit.  This consists of calculating all past/future economic damages, while also projecting past/future noneconomic damages.  Projecting a damages award in the county where the suit will be filed, requires skill and experience.  In this case, we knew we had to file a lawsuit to maximize our clients’ compensation.  After months of litigation, the liability insurance company offered their policy limits.  This amount failed to make our client’s whole, so we then set out to get our client’s more money from the underinsured motorist carrier.  The underinsured motorist insurance company agreed to pay additional damages to resolve the case.  With the liability carrier and underinsured motorist carrier paying fair and just compensation to our clients we were able to resolve the case and agreed to a dismissal of our court action.


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