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Client Injured in Car Accident Caused By Food Delivery Driver

In May 2020, our client was driving on West Clark Blvd in Murfreesboro when she was struck on her driver’s side by a popular food delivery service driver.  Being in such shock, she didn’t immediately go to the emergency room.  However, as she made it into work, she realized there was pain when she walked and headed off to CareNow for an x-ray. She was diagnosed with a fractured foot and required additional care and treatment.   

Being a bartender, she struggled with her injury and being able to work as much as she needed to for her bills due to the lost wages.

For the first few weeks, she had severe stress and anxiety behind the wheel of a car. She wasn’t able to stand on her feet for extended periods of time, which greatly affected her job. Our client is a full-time student at MTSU, and couldn’t handle the stress of juggling school and watching her medical bills pile up.

The insurance company actually tried to deny liability, so she reached out to us for help. The following months she was treated at a local chiropractor until she was fully recovered. After months of pressuring the insurance company she achieved maximum compensation. We’re happy we won her case and helped her lose her stress!


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