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Can Tennessee property owners be held responsible for injuries that occur on their premises as a result of inadequate security?

Under Tennessee law, property owners are required to maintain their premises and take reasonable steps to keep customers and other visitors safe. This includes maintaining adequate security to help ensure safety. When owners fail to do this, it is known legally as “negligent security.”

Injuries That Result From Negligent Security

Owners or operators of apartment complexes, stores, theaters, hospitals, and other properties should take the steps necessary to provide the proper security to help safeguard visitors from injury when on their premises. This can include doors and windows that are equipped with working and effective locks as well as other safety measures to protect visitors from intruders. Most property owners carry insurance to cover any losses as a result of break-ins, accidents from slips and falls, and other safety-related issues.

Examples of Negligent Security

Lack of Proper Lighting

Parking lots and stairwells must have adequate lighting to prevent criminal attacks and slip and falls.

Inadequate Crime-Prevention Measures

A business that does not employ security guards and surveillance cameras may be held liable for assaults on visitors to the property.

Inaccessible Exits

Emergency exits that are poorly marked or nonexistent could lead to unnecessary injuries and deaths if there is a shooting or fire.

Injuries caused by a perpetrator of a crime on unsafe premises can be catastrophic or even fatal. A negligent security claim can help you recover damages, such as lost wages or extensive medical costs.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

It is important to seek an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss your financial and medical needs as soon as possible after an accident or crime occurs because the property owner failed to maintain proper security. Our experienced attorneys can talk to you about the details of the incident to determine whether you may have a strong case. We generally take these types of cases on a contingency basis, so you will have no up-front costs. You will pay no legal fees until we can reach a resolution on your case.

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