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We've Helped Tennessee Families Collect Millions of Dollars

Injury attorneys always seem to tout their successful case outcomes.  Why do injury lawyers seem to “brag” about the amount of money they made for their clients?  Let’s take a quick dive into why this happens.

First, injury lawyers practice in civil tort law.  Without making you enroll in law school, in English law a tort came to mean a “legal wrong” committed upon a person.  Going further back into history, the word tort has French roots and meant a “wrong or injustice.”     

Tort law is part of our civil law system.  When someone has a tort claim, justice is often achieved under our civil law with a monetary award.  Translation:  our civil system is all about the money.  The award of money is how a claimant (plaintiff) is compensated for his or her injuries.

So, why do injury lawyers seem to “brag” about the money they made for their clients?  It’s simple.  The ultimate measure under our civil law system is money.  Injury attorneys are often the only thing that stands between huge insurance companies and massive corporations trampling over the rights of injury victims. 

It’s an honor to hold insurance companies and corporations acountable for their actions.  But, it’s also very difficult.  Huge businesses and insurance companies have massive resources and stockpiles of money.  That’s why it’s vital to hire an experienced, well-established injury lawyer.  You also want to hire a lawyer who only practices tort law.  You need a lawyer who has a deep understanding of injury law and has slugged it out with corporations and insurance companies before. 

Many insurance companies simply run over inexperienced attorneys.  They know lawyers who don’t specialize in injury law, don’t want to spend thousands of dollars and fight for months or years.  Insurance companies will just wait out inexperienced lawyers and if then pay pennies on the dollar. 

So, when we say”millions recovered” know that means we’ve battled through many injury cases.  We’ve achieved successful outcomes for thousands of clients for more than a decade.  This track record of success gives our clients the confidence to know we’ve “been there, done that.”  We’re also not an impersonal giant injury law office who just cares about volume.  When you hire Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers you’re getting an experienced, successful injury law office with a client-centered approach.

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