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It is Critical to Your Case to be Consistent With Your Medical Treatment

After an accident getting medical treatment is vital.  However, for many people this isn’t as easy as it seems.  Even if you have health insurance, things like deductibles and copays can add up.  Also, some health insurance companies won’t want to pay benefits to you after an accident.  If you don’t have health insurance medical treatment can be very expensive and unaffordable.  

If you’re injured in a motor vehicle accident, or similar accident, you owe it to your long-term health to visit an emegency room.  If you don’t have health insurance this is a scary because no one wants medical bills they can’t afford.  This is why as soon as you’re injured talking to an injury lawyer is vital.  A good injury lawyer will walk you through a plan that will put your mind at ease.  

An experienced injury attorney will analzye your situation and help you get the treatment you need.  If you have health insurance that can sometimes benefit your case.  If you don’t have health insurance other options like medical payments under your automobile policy, or lien-based treatment will help get you into treatment.  Also, injury lawyers can often negotiate with your medical providers as part of their representation to lower your bills and increase your compensation. 

When you do start a treatment plan after an accident, you must be consistent with your appointments.  If you’re in physical therapy or under chiropractic care try not to skip appointments no matter how hectic life becomes.  Remember, a lawyer may have to convince a jury that you suffered a compensable injury.  If you’re missing appointments, even for legitimate reasons, this can make your case harder to win. 

Also, insurance companies and their lawyers will challenge the reasonableness and necessity of your treatment.  In Tennessee, your medical treatment must be necessary and your bills must be reasonable.  Like a lot of law-related concepts this sounds simple but can get very complicated.  The appropriate medical proof must be established in order to meet this standard. 

At Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers, we approach each case knowing we may have to convince a jury you deserve compensation.  Setting the proper foundation from the beginning is vital to winning an injury case.  We ensure each client is following their doctor-recommended treatment plan.  We work with our clients to ensure they know the importance of receiving the best treatment for their case.  If you don’t have health insurance we can help there too.  The bottom line – consult with a lawyer as soon as you’re injured in an accident to ensure you don’t have life-long health problems.        

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