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Nashville Rear-End Collision Accident Attorneys

As proven Nashville rear-end collision accident attorneys, Joe Weir and Tony Kestner are committed to providing injury victims with strong representation and personalized client experience. With Weir & Kestner, you’re more than a number – we aim to provide clients with a comfortable environment where they feel like someone is finally looking out for them.

With the help of a Nashville car accident lawyer, you have a team of dedicated attorneys by your side fighting for your compensation. Only settle your case with the insurance company once you are confident you have the compensation you are legally owed.

nashville rear-end collision accident attorneys

Our rear-end collision attorneys are the best in Nashville

Select an attorney you believe in with ample experience to fight for the full and fair compensation you are owed. Our Nashville car accident attorneys are committed to fighting for you through the entire process, ensuring you can focus on your recovery.

Why choose our legal team over others?

  • Experience matters: In serious injuries or cases where you may share some blame, you need an attorney who knows how to turn things around for their clients. Our experience in the industry makes us a strong choice for these cases.
  • Millions of dollars in recoveries: Car accident cases with serious damage can lead to very large claims. Choose an attorney with experience getting significant compensation for their clients.
  • Exceptional service and support: We answer the phone, provide clarity and transparency in your case, and work hard to ensure your needs are always met. Trust us to be there for you.

We encourage you to set up a free, no-obligation consultation to speak to us about your case at length. You can decide whether to work with us or find another attorney to guide you. You should always choose a lawyer you trust with your case – your future may depend on it.

Hear what our clients have to say


“I am so very thankful for Weir & Kestner. Not only were they so easy to work with, but they were also very kind and attentive when I was confused and didn’t know what to do with my accident. I never had to worry about anything; they handled it all. When I did have questions, they responded immediately to me, and it always took time to put my mind at ease. They worked so hard and made me feel important. They may be busy, but you will always feel like their number 1 priority.”

– Stephanie Fisher, client of Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers


“My boyfriend and I were in a car accident, and these gentlemen made going through the legal process so much easier. I had never been through this before, and they broke down how everything worked and kept us updated regularly about how the case was going. Made it easier to focus on healing and getting my life back!”

– Kristy Jackson, client of Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers


How will Weir & Kestner’s rear-end collision lawyers handle my case?

A trusted lawyer can offer insight into your legal rights, including your right to hold accountable anyone who causes you injury or property damage through their negligence or recklessness.

We determine the cause and fault of your collision

We know how to find the right evidence that supports your claim, the right witnesses to speak to, and how to secure security camera footage and the police report. Our Nashville rear-end collision accident attorney also knows what to look for if poorly maintained roads, missing signage, inadequate lighting, or other factors played a role in the crash.

In some situations, you may be held responsible for the accident in the police officer’s eyes. If you stopped too fast, the other driver could hit you. If the police officer believes you were driving recklessly, you could be found at fault.

The more insight we have, such as the driver’s medical records showing they were intoxicated, the stronger your case may be. This is critical because it can influence how willing the insurance company is to settle your case for a high dollar amount. As with any injury case, we advise you not to accept an initial settlement offer from the insurance company because the true value of your case has yet to be discovered.

We maximize your claim

Most serious car accidents carry numerous financial losses, including many that could lead to long-term suffering for you. We will discuss your case with medical experts to determine how this accident will impact you and your future, opening the door for maximum compensation.

Your attorney creates a list of all your losses and then develops all evidence necessary to prove them. Some examples may include:

  • Medical bills from the accident
  • Damage to repair or replace your car
  • Losses from missing work, including wages and benefits
  • Long-term recovery costs for rehabilitation and ongoing medical needs
  • Hospitalization costs
  • Pain and suffering costs
  • Any costs related to adjusting your home to accommodate new losses

You should receive compensation for any loss we can document. Though complex, experience and dedication to our clients make it possible for us to get consistent results for our clients.

We handle communication with the insurance company

Insurance companies are not designed to treat individuals fairly; they are for-profit organizations. That is why you need a rear-end crash attorney in Nashville by your side. With our extensive experience, we can help ensure you do not find yourself a victim of being mistreated by the insurance company. We will:

  • File your claim with comprehensive evidence to support the values we are seeking for you
  • Provide any answers to questions the insurance companies have as well as we can
  • Provide you with ongoing support as you provide any requested additional information
  • Navigate the negotiation process, working hard to keep compensation in your pocket
  • Supporting you in protecting your privacy by eliminating the risk that they may ask you questions that put you at risk
  • Minimizing the risk you could say something that incriminates you

Ultimately, we aim to ensure you receive as much compensation as possible. We do not want the insurance company to settle too soon for too little nor draw out your case for a long time, making you suffer. Our experience gives us the ability to know when to settle.

nashville rear-end collision accident lawyer

We fight for you

Though most of the rear-end car accident cases our Nashville attorneys represent settle outside of court due to our comprehensive experience and dedication to providing necessary evidence, some cases may go to court. As well-respected, proven trial attorneys, you can expect our legal team to fight for your best possible outcome in a court of law.

Our Nashville rear-end car accident attorneys have the experience you can rely on. We are passionate professionals ready to fight for our clients in a court of law so you get the best possible outcome in your case.

You pay no fees unless Weir & Kestner wins your rear-end collision case

Hiring a car accident attorney for a personal injury claim in a rear-end collision is vital to many complicated cases. With the help of our trusted and experienced attorney, you can increase your knowledge of the law and ensure you have ample protection.

We set out to win our cases. If we do not, you do not pay for our legal services. It is that simple. You can count on us to work hard to recover your compensation.

Rear-end collisions a common accident type in Nashville
A rear-end collision occurs when one vehicle strikes another from behind, often when the car in front is at a full stop or slowing down. When this type of accident occurs, the speed, size of the vehicle, and impact angle can cause numerous injuries to the driver of the car that was hit. These types of car accidents occur for many reasons, including:

  • Distracted driving: If the driver does not see the car stopped or does not seem that they stopped soon enough because they were texting or otherwise distracted, that can be a common cause of these accidents.
  • Tailgating, or following too closely behind you, making it difficult to stop quickly enough
  • Speeding: A driver who is speeding makes it very difficult to stop when conditions change
  • Losing control: In some situations, the driver may lose control over the vehicle due to inexperience or road conditions.
  • Intoxication: A person who is driving intoxicated due to the use of drugs or alcohol may be unable to stop a vehicle fast enough since their reactions slow down.
  • Reckless driving: Speeding can be another factor. A driver going too fast may not have enough time and room to stop if the vehicle in front of them does.
  • Brake failure: Some situations may be due to a failure of the brake system, which may lead to the car not stopping when the user presses it.
  • Fatigued driving, or driving while tired, can create the same risk of not being able to stop soon enough
  • Failures in vehicle repair due to design or manufacturing defects
  • Drivers behind the wheel of commercial vehicles that do not have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate them

These are some examples of common causes of rear-end collision, but far from all. If you are struck from behind for any reason, it is critical to stop where you are, contact the police, and get medical care for what occurred. Then, we recommend seeking the support of a Nashville rear-end collision accident attorney.

Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers is the most trusted rear-end collision firm in Nashville

Discuss your case with Nashville rear-end collision accident attorneys at Weir & Kestner now. Let us help you navigate your rights in this case and provide you with exceptional legal support. Call us now at (615) 220-4180 to get the process started with a free consultation.

Common questions about rear-end collisions in Nashville

How long do I have to file a claim?

In Tennessee, you have one year from the car accident date to file a lawsuit. This deadline is known as a “statute of limitations.” By working with a skilled Nashville car accident lawyer to file on time, you won’t lose your claim and become barred from filing a lawsuit.

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