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Nashville Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Multi-vehicle collisions (also known as “pileups” or “chain reaction accidents”) are complicated. That’s why working with a skilled Nashville car accident lawyer is in your best interest if you’ve been hurt in a multi-car crash. At Weir & Kestner, we will ensure you receive the legal representation you deserve.

Our combined 40+ years of experience allow us to protect our clients from claims made against them while also ensuring they receive the full compensation they deserve. When you hire our Nashville car accident lawyer, you get hands-on support you can rely on. We encourage you to give us a call immediately.

nashville multi-vehicle accident lawyer

Weir & Kestner’s top-rated Nashville pileup accident lawyers are here for you

Every situation is very different regarding multi-vehicle accidents, but all of them revolve around proving you have no fault in the case and that someone else should pay for your losses. As highly experienced attorneys, we will help you avoid common pitfalls in cases like this. That could include:

  • Making statements to the insurance company that may lead to shifting the blame to you
  • Believing that the insurance company is going to be fair in the compensation paid
  • Assuming you cannot fight inaccuracies on the police report, especially if they point you as the fault in the case

Our legal representation is designed to be aggressive and comprehensive. We do not want to leave you at risk for any future losses. Expect us to fight for you.

If we do not win your case, you do not pay our attorney fee

It can be difficult to hire an attorney in a multi-vehicle accident. Quite a bit is on the line, and every other party will work hard against you. For that reason, you should arm yourself with a trusted, experienced attorney who knows how to work closely with the attorneys of the other drivers, the insurance companies, and the court to prove you are owed compensation in this case.

Without legal representation, you may be the victim of further loss. Let us help fight against that.

How our Nashville multi-vehicle accident lawyers prove the other party is to blame

To prove fault, our Nashville multi-vehicle car accident lawyer takes a comprehensive approach. We encourage you to focus on your recovery and provide us with all the information you can about the accident, including road conditions, what you remember from right before the accident, and what occurred after. Then, we go to work to prove your case.

Police reports are a starting point

Police reports are not always accurate. Information within the police report may be missing or inaccurate. Our attorney will study those police reports to gather as much detail as possible. We look for inconsistencies in statements or errors in the judgments the police officer used to create the report.

Police reports are an excellent starting point for determining loss. We do not stop there in many situations.

Interviewing witnesses

Our multi-vehicle car accident attorney will discuss the details with each party to clarify fault. In many situations, we ask the hard questions that could give us insight into what truly took place so that we can then fight for protection for our clients.

Our Nashville multi-car crash accident lawyer will also use expert witnesses, who may be able to use the information at the incident scene to prove what occurred or better understand fault in the case.

We gather evidence that is often hard to get

In many situations, there is evidence that can back up various stories or show that someone may not be telling the full truth. We aim to exhaust all information that could affect this decision process. This could include:

  • Medical records that show the driver was intoxicated
  • Logs in commercial vehicles that show their rate of speed or what occurred just before the accident
  • Past vehicular accidents and cases like your own
  • Doctors that show the driver was otherwise unfit
  • Data from navigational systems that may provide insight into the driver’s actions

Each of these bits of information may help us to better understand who caused the multi-vehicle car crash and who, therefore, is responsible for the losses you have suffered.

Our Nashville multi-vehicle car accident attorneys are committed to providing you with exceptional legal support every step of the way. Even if the police report labels you as an at-fault party in this matter, we will work to prove that you were not to blame or work to recover damages that may be owed to you.

We help you recover maximum compensation in your multi-vehicle accident case

As noted, we examine all of the losses you face due to the other party’s negligence and assign a value to each.

With economic losses, like medical bills and lost time at work, it is easier to know exactly how much you lost because these are tangible figures easily represented by the bills you have or the lost time on your paycheck.

We must look at other factors for noneconomic losses, including cases like yours that have been awarded compensation. We also need to think about the following:

  • Can you go back to work and earn the same amount?
  • What will this do to your relationships?
  • Are you likely to suffer a shortened lifespan because of these complications?

Your losses in these cases may be worth more or less depending on the severity of the claim and the evidence we can present. If you are never able to work again and will struggle with pain for years, that should be addressed in the compensation you receive.

What are common injuries in multi-vehicle accidents?

One of the ways our Nashville multi-vehicle car accident attorney can help you is to outline your losses better. This allows us to create a comprehensive claim that outlines every type of loss you have so we can hold those who caused them accountable. Some of the most common losses associated with multi-vehicle accidents include:

Your medical injuries may require immediate and ongoing care. You may spend months being able to learn to walk again because of the accident. Even if your injuries are not extensive, you still have medical bills to pay. Let us fight for you to get full and fair compensation in these cases.

You likely suffered other losses as well

Most people involved in a multi-car accident will sustain injuries and require medical care. However, there may be other losses you suffer as well. Some examples of those we may seek in your case include the following:

  • Property damage to your car requiring repair or replacement
  • Lost time and benefits at work
  • Long-term recovery at home or in a rehabilitation center
  • Ongoing limitations on your ability to work or do the things you loved to do
  • Chronic and debilitating pain
  • Impact on your emotional health and well-being
  • Loss of quality of life

Your car accident is worth far more than you may believe in some situations. Let our multi-vehicle car accident lawyers fight to recover those losses for you.

nashville multi vehicle accident attorney

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Turn to our legal team for a free case evaluation to discuss what occurred and why it happened. At Weir & Kestner, we have the experience you can rely on to navigate these challenging legal matters with confidence. Set up a free consultation to discuss your case by calling (615) 220-4180 now to learn how we can help you. Put us to work protecting your rights to the compensation owed to you.

We answer your common questions about multi-vehicle accidents in Nashville

Why do most multi-vehicle accidents happen?

Some of the most common reasons multi-vehicle accidents occur in Nashville include the following:

  • Drivers who were speeding or otherwise acting in a reckless manner
  • Unsafe lane changes and turning
  • Distracted drivers who fail to stop or who swerve into another lane
  • Intoxicated drivers behind the wheel
  • Truck drivers who are fatigued from being behind the wheel for a long time
  • Road rage incidents
  • Poor weather conditions

What if I contributed to the crash?

Tennessee follows a modified comparative negligence system. That means you can be held accountable for the losses you caused and file a claim for them. It all comes down to determining who is at fault in your case.

You can file a claim against the at-fault party if you are under 49% responsible for the accident. A judge or jury determines this based on the evidence presented in court. The goal is not to be to blame at all, but if you are, we want to work to lower that as much as possible to ensure you can still obtain the compensation owed to you.

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