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How do insurance companies value accident claims?

Dealing with an insurance company is frustrating. It often feels as if you are banging your head against a brick wall and no one is really listening. Well, the reality is that while you’re speaking to an insurance person, the analysis of your case is often guided by computer software. It is no secret that large insurance companies utilize computer programs to help analyze accident claims and determine case values.

The end result is an attempt to remove the human element from the claims process. In reality, this greatly hinders your case as only people with experience can know what information you need, how to present it, and what to say to make the computer give you a better resolution. 

An Accident Lawyer Can Help You With the Insurance Computer Analysis

An essential part of your claim is to ensure all the value-driving information is put into the computer program. This also means having an injury attorney and partner in the case who takes the time to listen to you and your specific situation. At Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers, we do both. We will take the time to discuss and gather all the information needed to maximize your case value.

Many times, you have to give the computer program the information it needs in order to maximize the evaluation of your case. When the computer is evaluating your injuries, the information you provide will greatly influence the result you get. Insurance companies want to minimize the human element during the claim experience, so using the latest in artificial intelligence and data mining technology does just that. When you’re injured, don’t let the insurance company, or their computers, deprive you of your rights.

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