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Smyrna Student Injured by Negligent Motorist While Riding School Bus

Brianna was just like any other Rutherford County high school senior on that early October morning, ready to graduate and looking forward to the next phase in her life. Just like she did every weekday morning, she and her sister got on the school bus. She had no idea that this particular morning was going to be more eventful than normal.

Negligent Driver Endangers Bus Full of Students

While her school bus was stopped at the traffic light at the intersection of Hazelwood Drive and Old Nashville Highway in Smyrna, a car negligently ran a red light and collided with another vehicle. The impact was so strong, it caused that vehicle to slam into Brianna’s school bus.

The crash happened so fast, Brianna was left confused and disoriented. She felt anxious, scared, and in a lot of pain. Doctors found she had fractured her wrist and suffered other musculoskeletal injuries.

Our Attorneys Demanded the Insurance Company’s Respect

Even though it was a clear case of negligence, the insurance company for the negligent driver tried to minimize Brianna’s claim and her injuries, and later even threatened to force all the kids on the bus to testify. Because the situation was so stressful, Brianna and her mom decided to contact us for help. We started fighting right away for Brianna’s injury rights. Brianna made a full recovery and got the compensation she deserved. We’re proud we held the insurance company accountable in Brianna’s school bus accident. Now, she can move on and start writing a new (and better) chapter in her life and put her personal injury case behind her.

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