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Negligent U-Turn On Donelson Pike Injures Nashville Client

In February 2022, our client was driving on Donelson Pike when another driver attempted to make an illegal u-turn onto the I-40 interstate ramp.  The negligent driver did not see our client and violently impacted her vehicle.  The negligent driver was cited for failure to yield. 

After the police completed their on-scene investigation, our client went to her job.  After an accident, it sometimes takes hours, days, and or even weeks for the pain to set in.  In our client’s case, she began to feel intense neck and low back pain toward the end of her work day.  So, she went to the emergency room at Summit Hospital after work. The hospital performed imaging, including a CT Scan, and she was referred to a Vanderbilt orthopedic doctor.  A few months after the accident, an MRI showed disc injuries to her low back. 

Like many clients, she hired us so she wouldn’t have to deal with the insurance company.  If you’re interested in knowing how a negligence action works click here. Insurance companies are always trying to minimize their payout and we were not going to let that happen to our client. 

Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers aggressively executed a strategy to the fullest extent of the law.  We argued for economic and noneconomic damages based on Tennessee jury verdicts and injuries similar to the one our client suffered.  Once our client recovered from her injuries we entered into negotiations with the defendant’s auto carrier. The parties were able to resolve the claim for a number that compensated our client for all she had been through.


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