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Survivor of Fatal Murfreesboro Car Accident Wins Six Figure Settlement

Andrea was an average hard-working 19-year-old until a night out for dinner with friends in Murfreesboro went tragically wrong. Andrea was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by her friend. Without warning, the vehicle went off the road, and Andrea woke up in the hospital.

What Happened That Tragic Night

When police arrived, they found Andrea crawling out of the upside-down vehicle, having sustained severe injuries. She was LifeFlighted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She woke up at VUMC with many injuries, including a broken jaw, fractured vertebrae, lacerated tongue, and more. Doctors told her she was lucky to be alive. They informed her that her friend who was driving was pronounced dead at the scene of the terrible crash. Andrea was devastated and in shock.

Andrea Needed Help Paying Medical Bills

As she lay in the hospital bed, she and her family had so many questions. They had never been in this situation before. Andrea didn’t have health insurance and was going to be in the hospital for some time. They didn’t know where to find answers. They decided to call Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers. We immediately began working with the family to help with medical bills that were piling up. Her emergency hospital bill alone was over $100,000, and she needed physical therapy and other medical treatment. She was afraid she would be hurt forever, and have to spend the rest of her life paying medical bills. We told her to focus on healing, and we would take care of the rest. So she did. She put in the hours of physical therapy, endured the hours of pain, got through the hours of anxiety and sleepless nights. To say she was brave, courageous, and tough is an understatement. Slowly, with the help of her family, doctors, and medical providers she got better.

We Negotiated With Insurance Companies to Reduce Her Bills

After months of treatment, we successfully negotiated massive reductions in her medical bills and maximized all insurance policy limits. Andrea will always carry this tragedy with her, but she’ll never forget her second chance at life. We consider ourselves fortunate at Weir & Kestner to have the opportunity to help people in the community just like Andrea, who are not only severely injured but dealing with tragedy and sorrow. Lose the stress and win your case with our experienced personal injury attorneys.

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