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Why It Is Important to Get Prompt Medical Care After an Accident

“I thought I would just be sore a couple days.”  “I didn’t want to waste time at the emergency room.” We hear something like these statements all the time.  The truth is; getting checked out after an accident and being consistent with your medical treatment is critical to your case.

Always Get Immediate Medical Treatment Following an Accident

The most important reason for seeking prompt medical care is to ensure there is nothing seriously wrong.  Often times injuries and problems are not apparent to the naked eye and require diagnostic testing by medical professionals to rule out potential problems and injuries. Secondarily, if you wait a couple days, the insurance company will argue the injury could not have been bad if you did not go or waited to go to the emergency room or to see a doctor.  That is why it is so important not to delay seeing a physician.  The insurance company will use gaps of time in treatment against you.  Further, say your case does need to go to a trial.  The jury will also look very skeptically at gaps in treatment.  Thus, it is critical to seek prompt medical care and be consistent in your follow-up appointments.  This helps you feel better, helps you build your case and helps ensure a fair and total recovery.  

Be Open With Your Doctor, and Document Each Visit

It is equally critical to tell your doctor about everything that hurts.  Often we hear people say, “Well my knee hurt but it was my back I was most concerned with at the time.”  So they only discuss their back for a few weeks and suddenly the knee still hurts and they mention that.  The insurance company comes back and says, “They didnt mention that knee injury for weeks, it was not related to the accident.”  At Weir and Kestner Injury Lawyers, we have relationships and experience with the Rutherford and Davidson County doctors to help you in these situations and prove all your injuries are related tot he accident.  However, you can help your case and yourself to simply telling the doctors everything right up front. 

Don't Stress About Medical Bills, We Can Help You With Those

Lastly, we also know the financial stress incurring medical bills can cause.  Our office will help guide you in this area as well.  Whether it be dealing with your own health insurance company or getting you medical treatment if you do not have health insurance.  Yes, there are ways to get treatment without any up front costs to you even if you do not have health insurance.  Also, if you have MedPay insurance on your auto insurance this money can too be used to help pay those medical bills. You likely have more options than you think, and we can help you access those options.

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