Work Injury

Work Injury? Protect your rights and call us today.

Have you been injured on the job? If so, rather than simply working hard and earning a living, you’re now forced to deal with doctors, insurance companies, and nurse case managers. When you suffer a work injury, Tennessee’s Workers’ Compensation law likely applies. This means that complicated laws and procedures suddenly apply to your personal injury. If you talk to an insurance company or nurse case manager, they may seem to be on your side, but you’re left wondering if you’re rights are being protected and you’re getting what you deserve. We’ve worked for the insurance companies and time and time again saw people being taken advantage of and not getting the compensation they deserve. We’ve opened our practice so we can make a difference and make sure our clients are being cared for properly.

Did a work injury leave you unable to work and worried about paying bills?

Tennessee’s Workers’ Compensation laws recently changed for injured workers. This impacts all workers in Tennessee and you need an experienced attorney to make sure you get treated fairly. Weir & Kestner has helped people just like you who have suffered work injuries in getting medical treatment, obtaining payments for time missed, obtaining second opinions, and even forcing the insurance company to pay for treatment that has previously been denied. Throughout Tennessee, we’ve helped our clients get the results they deserve when injured on the job. Please contact us if you have been hurt on the job for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Are you frustrated with denials from the insurance company to pay your medical expenses?

When recovering from a workplace injury, you should concentrate on getting better not worried about bills. We’re here to help.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Weir & Kestner have helped clients in Nashville, La Vergne, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, Franklin, and Chattanooga, get the protection and compensation they deserve under Tennessee’s Workers’ Compensation law. Proudly serving the cities of Nashville, La Vergne, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, Franklin, Chattanooga, and ALL Tennessee residents.