Success Stories

Since 2009, we’ve obtained millions of dollars on behalf of our injured clients. While we can’t guarantee outcomes in your case, we can guarantee your case will get our full determination and fight. Here are some of our past success stories below.

Slip and Fall (Rutherford County)

Our client was injured in a fall at a chain grocery store and needed extensive treatment. The store initially denied responsibility, despite the fall being a result of their negligence. We not only resolved his case for six figures, but also helped reduce and resolve his outstanding medical bills.

Workers’ Compensation (Rutherford County)

We filed a worker’s compensation claim for a gentleman who was injured in a forklift accident at work. The employer’s insurance company tried to withhold disability payments. We fought to ensure that our client received the disability benefits he deserved while getting the medical care he needed. We brought his case to a successful conclusion while maximizing his compensation.

Auto Accident (Williamson County)

Our client was injured in a car accident in Spring Hill when a negligent motorist struck her vehicle. She suffered soft tissue injuries and needed chiropractic care. The negligent motorist’s insurance company tried to deny responsibility. We ensured that they paid our client’s medical bills and got the case resolved in her favor.

Auto Accident (Rutherford County)

A negligent motorist struck another vehicle on Nissan Parkway in Smyrna, causing injuries to the victims of the accident. The Law Office of Weir & Kestner ensured that the injured couple got the treatment they needed…then got the case resolved in their favor.

Slip and Fall (Rutherford County)

Our client was injured and required surgery after she fell inside a Smyrna fast food restaurant. The restaurant denied liability. Our client had lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. The impact on her life was tremendous. We believed the law was on our side, and fought for our client’s injury rights. We held the insurance company accountable and procured a six figure settlement.

Medical Malpractice (Williamson County)

Our client was injured by a medical provider in Franklin during an appendectomy. The provider claimed the injury was excusable neglect. The injury required another surgery, and seemed to impact every facet of her life. We knew the difficulties in bringing this claim under Tennessee’s medical malpractice law, but we fought hard to hold the medical provider accountable. We ultimately prevailed and our client was compensated.

Car Accident (Rutherford County)

Client was involved in a motor vehicle accident with his family in Smyrna. The insurance company told him they did not pay for pain and suffering and did not pay for physical therapy to discourage him from getting the treatment he needed. He was hurting, missing work, getting frustrated. He did not want to get a lawyer but was at the end of his rope. He hired us and we immediately went to work. We made sure the calls from the insurance company stopped, that he and his family got the time and the medical care they needed to get better, and he got back to work. Despite all the things the insurance company misled him about, we made sure he got paid for his medical care, pain and suffering and all his lost wages.

Slip and Fall (Williamson County)

Our client was injured in Brentwood, Tennessee after she stepped and fell into a large hole in the ground, suffering serious knee and joint injuries. She had to have surgery and had significant economic and noneconomic damages. Her case presented some legal challenges regarding liability, but we dug in and went to work. In the end, we achieved a tremendous result that she was very happy with.

Disability Claim (Davidson County)

Our Nashville client had applied for and been denied disability. We took her case and had a hearing. Initially the disability judge had awarded her benefits, but after the hearing reversed course and denied the benefits. We kept fighting and appealed the matter again and finally after two years our client got what she deserved.

Car Wreck (Davidson County)

Client was injured in a car accident in Downtown Nashville. He was referred to us by a past client, because he was looking for an attorney to represent him. He was leery of hiring a lawyer after having a negative experience with a previous attorney. He came to us and we went to work to allay his fears. We obtained a tremendous settlement and he was left with no surprises at the end of his case.

Food Injury (Davidson County)

Our Nashville client ate french fries from a fast food chain that contained glass. She suffered injuries from ingesting the glass. She could not get anyone to help her, and the insurance company refused to pay. She came to us after a family member referred her to the office. We not only got her case resolved, we maximized her compensation. Most important, we earned her trust while helping another injury victim.

Truck Accident (Rutherford County)

Our client was driving in Smyrna when he collided with a truck owned by large international trucking company. The international trucking company denied liability. So, he call us and asked us to help. We hired an accident reconstruction expert and filed a lawsuit. After months of determination, we were able to settle his case and get him the compensation he deserved.