Smyrna Car Accidents

Weir & Kestner-Smyrna Car Accident Attorneys

Due to Nashville’s recent population boom, Smyrna, Tennessee is experiencing more car accident injuries. Smyrna had 494 injury vehicle wrecks in 2017.   Now, with car wreck injuries happening all the time, you need Smyrna car wreck lawyers you can count on.

The U.S Census Bureau estimated Smyrna had 48,596 residents in 2016. Stewart Air Force Base was in Smyrna for 30 years, and Nissan, opened an assembly plant and started making vehicles in 1983. Most say once StoneCrest Medical Center opened its doors in in 2003, Smyrna’s major population growth started.

Driving a car on Sam Ridley Parkway used to be safer. Now, having a Sam Ridley Injury Attorney on your side is essential. Sam Ridley car accidents are happening all too frequently. Locals remember when the Catfish House was the only restaurant on Sam Ridley Parkway.  Now, businesses are everywhere, and distracted drivers are causing car wreck injuries in Smyrna more and more often.

Even Highway 102, Almaville Road, and Lee Victory Parkway in Smyrna see more vehicle injury accidents. Developments like South Park, and businesses like Asurion and Taylor Farms, are great for the local economy. But, with all the growth comes increased traffic and safety problems. So, having a Smyrna car accident attorney on your side is vital. Highway 102, Almaville Road, and Lee Victory Parkway are experiencing higher numbers of injuries from these car accidents and vehicle wrecks.  When a car crash injury happens, you need car accident lawyers in Smyrna who are on your side and know the law.

A car accident can cause severe, life changing, and permanent injuries. These injuries can cause physical and emotional pain, as well as unexpected medical bills and expenses. As a result, the quality and enjoyment of your life may be dramatically lessened. Auto insurance companies are driven by profit, not what’s best for you or your health.  Don’t let the insurance company use their resources and tricks to decide the outcome of your Smyrna car accident. When you’re injured in a Smyrna car wreck, you need a Smyrna car wreck lawyer to protect your rights and your health.