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Nashville Sideswipe Accident Lawyer

When someone else’s carelessness results in a serious accident, you’re often left to cope with the consequences. If another driver sideswiped your vehicle, you could face significant damage and personal injuries. In such situations, the support of a Nashville car accident lawyer can be crucial to help you recover from your injuries and damages.

Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers specializes in assisting victims of sideswipe accidents to secure fair compensation for their losses. With one of our experienced Nashville sideswipe accident lawyers by your side, you have the best chance of achieving a favorable outcome. Contact us online or call (615) 220-4180 to schedule your free case consultation.

We get results for victims of sideswipe collisions

In July 2017, Rachel was driving on I-40 East in Nashville when a tractor-trailer sideswiped her vehicle, causing her to spin onto the shoulder of the road. She was lucky and escaped serious injuries, but still had painful musculoskeletal injuries. She was hurt and needed physical therapy.

The insurance company for the tractor-trailer wanted to fight the case, so she called us. We filed suit in Davidson County Circuit Court, Case 18C1937, and aggressively fought while our client was treated. After several months of litigation, the insurance company resolved the case. We made sure she received compensation for all her economic and non-economic damages. Another happy client!

Weir & Kestner helps you recover full compensation

Whether your sideswipe accident led to serious injuries or only property damage, you may be eligible for compensation that covers the many damages you have suffered because of the other party’s negligence. Economic damages cover both current and future losses, meaning that if there are costs you are aware of but have not yet paid, you may have grounds to pursue compensation for them. These can include any of the following: 

  • Hospital bills for emergency care, surgeries, and physical therapy 
  • Rehabilitation care 
  • Property damage 
  • Lost wages 
  • Loss of earning capacity 
  • Household accommodations 

If you have suffered any of these economic damages, you may need help from your attorney to identify these losses and calculate them correctly. At Weir & Kestner, we have the tools to identify these needs and situations to help you best move forward.

We work hard to get you every penny of what you deserve

While your economic damages may make up a significant portion of your recovery costs, your pain and suffering should also be included. Your non-economic damages cover any intangible impacts you have experienced because of your accident. These may include anxiety, depression, and loss of enjoyment of life. 

Non-economic damages do not have the same value as your economic damages. Fortunately, we can handle situations like these, starting with identifying what your damages are worth based on the severity of your suffering and the ongoing impact on your life. We are prepared to use this information to help you navigate your recovery.

Our Nashville sideswipe accident lawyers will make sure your claim is filed on time

Personal injury claims, such as car accidents, must be filed within one year from the accident date, according to TCA Section 28-3-104. If you fail to file within these time limits, your claim may be dismissed, leaving you without compensation. Unfortunately, that gives you a short time to prepare your claim and pursue compensation. 

The good news is that our team is prepared to act so your case is filed efficiently and before the statute of limitations ends. As a result, you will retain your right to seek compensation through the court system. We prepare for the possibility of a trial from the beginning, so there is little delay when you decide to pursue a lawsuit if insurance negotiations are not productive.

Weir & Kestner is here for you every step of the way

In the aftermath of a sideswipe accident, you may be unsure where to begin with your recovery. Fortunately, by taking the following steps, you can avoid some of the more severe losses your claim could suffer.

1. Get medical care

Seek medical attention immediately, especially if the sideswipe occurred on your side of the vehicle or your car is damaged badly enough that it cannot be driven. You may have serious injuries, from concussions to whiplash and back injuries. Any of these can turn dangerous quickly, leaving you with a worsening medical condition. 

Seeking medical care can also help your insurance or legal claim. Medical records are powerful evidence showing how the crash led to your serious injuries and how the at-fault party is responsible. Even if you feel fine, getting care now can be a huge factor for your medical and legal concerns.

2. Document the scene

Gather as much evidence as you can from the accident scene. That includes eyewitness statements, photos, and more. Accident scenes are cleaned up quickly, meaning this evidence can be lost in a short amount of time. While you should always put your safety and the safety of others first, take the time to gather this evidence whenever you can.

3. Report the accident

Contact the authorities as soon as possible about your accident. In Tennessee, you must report an accident within 20 days under TCA Section 55-12-104 if more than $1,500 of damage is done or if someone is injured or killed. However, a police report can still be useful in your case, even if these requirements are not met. 

You may also need to report your accident to the insurance company immediately. During these conversations, be careful not to admit fault throughout the conversation. Anything you say can be used against you, so avoid saying you are sorry or that you contributed to the crash. 

4. Contact a skilled attorney

This can be a difficult time, especially if you have suffered serious injuries. However, when you reach out to an attorney, you have a legal professional to help you pursue compensation and care for your health. We offer legal action on your behalf, representing you in the courtroom and speaking with your insurance company. That way, you can focus on your health.

Our top-rated Nashville sideswipe accident attorneys are ready to meet with you

When someone sideswipes you, it can do more than scratch your car’s paint. If you lose control of your vehicle, you may face complex injuries, leaving you struggling with medical debt, car repairs, and more. You should not have to pay out of pocket for these damages when someone else caused your accident. 

As you navigate a car accident, you may need aid from a Nashville sideswipe accident attorney like those on our team. We are here to help you navigate your claim, no matter how complex. When you need the aid of our attorneys at Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers, do not hesitate to reach out for a free consultation by calling (615) 220-4180 or filling out our online contact form.

We answer common questions about sideswipe accidents in Nashville

Whose insurance policy will cover the costs of my accident?

Under The Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) 55-12-102(12)(D), all drivers in the state are required to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance to pay for injuries and damage when they cause an accident. These amounts are $25,000 per injury or death in an accident and $50,000 for more than one injury or death, plus $25,000 in property damage coverage. If the other driver has stopped, you can collect their insurance details and file a claim against their policy. 

However, the insurance company may not be willing to pay for the cost of your recovery. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses that often try to reduce what they must pay through multiple tactics. Unfortunately, that can lead to delays in coverage, lowball settlement offers, and even denials of your claim. 

What is comparative negligence?

Comparative negligence is a legal concept where multiple parties can be assigned fault in a civil action. Insurance companies and opposing parties in a lawsuit may use this against you to reduce their liability. Your Nashville sideswipe accident attorney will fight hard to minimize any part you played in the crash to protect your right to full compensation.

According to TCA Section 29-11-101, your claim may also be reduced if you accept part of the blame for your side-swipe accident. If you are found partially responsible for the accident, your settlement or jury award may be reduced by that amount. Tennessee law also only allows up to 49% of the blame to be placed on you before your claim is dismissed.

What insurance coverage applies when the at-fault party fails to stop?

In some cases, you may have been injured by another driver, but they may have left the scene before you exchanged information, or they may have stopped but do not have insurance coverage. 

Fortunately, we can help you navigate the situation. First, we pursue information about the at-fault driver, using eyewitness accounts and surveillance footage to identify them and hold them responsible for your suffering. They may also face criminal charges, as drivers must stop after an accident, according to TCA Section 55-10-102

If this fails, we can pursue an insurance claim under your policy. While your insurance typically includes liability coverage, you may also have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. This coverage can help you pursue funds from your insurance company if the at-fault party fails to pay for your injuries.

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