Murfreesboro Car Accidents

The U.S Census Bureau estimates Murfreesboro, Tennessee has 136,372 residents as of July 2017.  With its population on the rise, Murfreesboro is experiencing more car accident injuries caused by distracted and inattentive driving.  Murfreesboro had 6,710 total vehicle accidents in 2017.   With car wreck injuries happening all the time, you need Murfreesboro car accident lawyers you can count on.

Murfreesboro, Tennessee is steeped in American history and culture.  Stones River National Battlefield, the Oaklands Mansion, and downtown-area homes, offer glimpses into both Murfreesboro’s Antebellum and Civil War history.

Today, modern Murfreesboro is booming with growth.  Population growth means more people and more new construction.  Years ago, traffic was heaviest on Broad Street, Old Fort Parkway, and Memorial Boulevard.  Now, with all of Murfreesboro’s population growth and development, Medical Center Parkway, Highway 96 (Franklin Road), Highway 99 (New Salem Road), Highway 231 (South Church Street and Shelbyville Highway), and Joe B. Jackson Parkway are all experiencing higher traffic volumes and motor vehicle accidents.

Unfortunately, inattentive drivers, distracted drivers, and negligent drivers are all over Murfreesboro roads causing accidents.  Having a Murfreesboro Injury Attorney on your side is essential.

A Murfreesboro car accident can cause severe, life changing, and permanent injuries.  These injuries can cause physical and emotional pain, as well as unexpected medical bills and expenses. As a result, the quality and enjoyment of your life may be dramatically lessened.  Auto insurance companies are driven by profit, not what’s best for you or your health.  Don’t let the insurance company use their resources and tricks to decide the outcome of your Murfreesboro car accident.  When you’re injured in a Murfreesboro car wreck, you need a Rutherford County car wreck lawyer to protect your rights and your health.

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