First Steps

First Steps - Do's and Don'ts Info Graphic

Suggested First Steps After an Injury

A personal injury can be devastating to your life and turn it upside down. You may be confused and stressed after sustaining an injury.  The last thing you want to think about are your legal rights. However, protecting your legal rights is very important. Below are a few easy steps that can protect you in the long run.

First and foremost, take care of your health.  Seek appropriate medical attention.  Once you have done this, follow these steps.

  • Take incident notes and collect all pertinent information regarding your injury. Keeping good notes is vital. This should include details about the incident, names and contact information of witnesses, medical bills, hospital visits and loss of wages.
  • Preserve the evidence and take photos. Photos of the scene and your injuries are key. Don’t be afraid to take too many photos! Evidence can prove who is at fault or who caused the accident and the extent of the damages sustained by the accident.
  • Obtain the police report (if one was taken). A police report is important evidence as to who was at fault for the incident. This may be used in determining if compensation is justified.

Meet with a lawyer.  They can help you navigate the legal system, take the appropriate legal steps, protect you from the insurance companies, recover any compensation for your injuries or property damage and give you peace of mind. Schedule an appointment today with The Law Offices of Weir & Kestner!