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Slip and Fall Accident in a Winchester, Tennessee Gas Station Causes Woman a Severe Knee Injury

It was December 2015 and Franklin County resident Tiffany, had stopped at a gas station. As she entered the store, her leg suddenly slipped. There was a watery liquid on the floor that was hidden. Tiffany’s knee buckled. Unfortunately, Tiffany suffered a terrible ACL injury, and would need major surgery.

Tiffany called Weir & Kestner right after the insurance company denied liability. The insurance company thought they could make Tiffany go away, because there were no independent witnesses, there was no video footage, and the owner of the store denied anything happened. The insurance company and their lawyers thought they had a slam dunk case to deny Tiffany’s legal rights as an injury victim.

Instead, Weir & Kestner filed suit in Franklin County Circuit Court and aggressively fought for Tiffany. She had her knee surgery and began the long process of healing. Weir & Kestner took the stress off, which allowed her to concentrate on her physical therapy and recovery. Tiffany knew it was going to be a long, tough fight. Almost three years into the case, we beat a motion for summary judgment that the insurance company and their lawyers filed against us. We pushed back to prove liability and all the elements necessary to win the case under Tennessee premises liability law. The facts were the gas station owed Tiffany a duty to keep the premises safe and they breached that duty.

No matter what the insurance company and their lawyers threw at us, our lawyers kept battling. Soon after Weir & Kestner beat defense counsel’s motion for summary judgment, the insurance company decided they had enough. Weir & Kestner’s aggressive advocacy won the day. Tiffany received just compensation and was able to get all the treatment she needed to recover. Weir & Kestner held the insurance company accountable and helped another client protect her injury rights.

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My School Bus Accident - Personal Injury Case

Brianna came to us with her personal injury case. She was probably just like any other Rutherford County high school senior. Ready to graduate and looking forward to the next phase in her life. It was an early October morning, and just like she did every weekday morning, she and her sister got on the school bus. She had no idea that this particular morning was going to be more eventful than normal. While her school bus was stopped at the traffic light at the intersection of Hazlewood Drive and Old Nashville Highway, a car negligently ran a red light and violently collided with a third vehicle. The impact was so harsh, it caused the third vehicle to slam into Brianna’s school bus.

It all happened so fast. Brianna tried to gathered herself, but had no idea what had happened. She felt anxious, scared, and in a lot of pain. Doctors found she had fractured her wrist and suffered other musculoskeletal injuries.

Even though it was a clear case of negligence, the insurance company tried to minimize Brianna’s claim and her injuries, and later even threatened to force all the kids on the bus to testify. The situation was so stressful, Brianna and her mom contacted us- with her personal injury case. We told her We Can Help, and started fighting for Brianna’s injury rights. Brianna made a full recovery, and today got the compensation she deserved. We’re proud we held the insurance company accountable in Brianna’s school bus accident. Now, she can move on and start writing a new (and better) chapter in her life and put her personal injury case behind her.

Stay-at-Home Mother Suffers Injury While Shopping - Personal Injury Case

In November 2016, Katie set out for some shopping at a Murfreesboro department store – This is her personal injury case story. She was hoping for some bonding time with her daughter. Unfortunately, during her shopping visit, Katie encountered a latent dangerous condition inside the store. What does that mean, you might be thinking? Latent just means hidden or concealed. In premises liability cases, like this one, dangerous conditions are often the cause of injuries and accidents.

On this day, this latent dangerous condition was on the floor, and it caused Katie to awkwardly slip and fracture a bone in her foot. Unfortunately for Katie there weren’t any witnesses other than her very young daughter. She brought the dangerous condition to the attention of the employees. She was in a lot of pain. As she hobbled around, she knew she needed to seek medical attention and went to the emergency room. Turned out, Katie needed a specialist too.

In the days that followed, the department store’s insurance company began ignoring Katie’s phone calls. She was unable to play with her kids and perform all the work a stay-at-home mom must do. She was in a lot of pain and stressed that she was alone against the insurance company. So, Katie called Weir & Kestner and asked us to help. We immediately went to work for and demanded preservation of all evidence, including video surveillance because this can be essential in a premises liability case.

Over the course of the next year, together we overcame several hurdles, including liability. Katie was able to concentrate on healing and recovery, and let us take the stress off her and her family. After almost one year of fighting, the insurance company paid up and Katie got the compensation she deserved. Now, she has money for everything that she and her family went through. More importantly, she can now go back to being that awesome mom her family expects her to be and put her personal injury case behind her .


Andrea was your average hard working 19 year-old from Smyrna, Tennessee. Until a normal night out for dinner in Murfreesboro went tragically wrong- this is her personal injury case story. Andrea was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by her friend. Without warning the vehicle went off the road and she woke up in the hospital. When police arrived, they recall Andrea was crawling out of the upside down vehicle, suffering from severe injuries. She was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center by LifeFlight (emergency helicopter). She woke up at VUMC with many injuries including a broken jaw, fractured vertebrae, lacerated tongue, and more injuries. Doctors told her she was lucky to be alive. They informed her the driver was tragically pronounced dead at the scene of the terrible crash. Andrea was devastated and in shock.

As she lay in the hospital bed, she and her family had so many questions. They had never been in this situation before. She also didn’t have health insurance and was going to be in the hospital for some time. They didn’t know where to find answers. They decided to call Weir & Kestner in Smyrna Car Accident Attorneys. Immediately, we began working with the family because the medical bills were piling up. Just her emergency hospital bill alone was over $100,000, and she needed physical therapy and other medical treatment. She was afraid she would be hurt forever, and have to spend the rest of her life paying medical bills.

We told her to focus on healing and we would take care of the rest. So she did. She put in the hours of physical therapy, endured the hours of pain, got through the hours of anxiety and sleepless nights. To say she was brave, courageous, and tough is an understatement. Slowly, with the help of her family, doctors, and medical providers she got better.

After months of treatment, we successfully negotiated massive reductions in her medical bills and maximized all insurance policy limits. Andrea will always carry this tragedy with her, but she’ll never forget her second chance at life. We consider ourselves fortunate at Weir & Kestner to have the opportunity to help people in the community just like Andrea, who are not only severely injured, but dealing with tragedy and sorrow. We help you win your case and lose the stress with your personal injury case.

Three-Car Collision on I-24 in Rutherford County Injures Nashville Resident- Personal Injury Case

Justin was driving a rental car with a couple of friends.  They were returning from fun trip to Atlanta heading back to Nashville.  Suddenly, a car in the lane next to them crossed over into Justin’s lane and violently collided with Justin’s vehicle.  The car then overcorrected and collided with another vehicle traveling in another lane.  Justin sustained serious musculoskeletal injuries. Although at the scene of the accident, the at-fault driver told Justin she was at fault, but once she spoke to her insurance company changed her story and said Justin was at fault.

Once the at-fault driver changed her story, her insurance company told Justin they weren’t going to pay for his car or his injuries.   Justin was frustrated because his injuries required months of treatment.  He was in a lot of pain, his car was totalled, and the at-fault driver wasn’t taking responsibility.  The insurance company denied his accident claim, and then stopped talking to him.  Insurance companies use lots of tactics to avoid paying claims.  One tactic is to simply ignore you and hope you just go away.

But, Justin was not going to just give up and go away.  But, he needed help.  So, he called Weir & Kestner.  We immediately went to work for him.   The accident reconstruction, property damage analysis, and witness testimony clearly showed Justin was not at fault.  After months of fighting with the insurance company, we got him compensated for his injuries, his car, lost time from work, pain and suffering, and lost enjoyment of life.  And, we did all this without having to file a lawsuit.

We see accident victims tell us stories like this all the time.  Just like Justin, you do not have to accept what the insurance company says or tells you as the final decision.  But, remember time is of the essence!  Tennessee has a very short time limit on injury actions.  We’re always honored to help people like Justin get the truth and justice they deserve.  We Can Help you too.

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