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Pedestrian Safety Remains a Growing Concern One program, which is part of the Smart Growth America group, is the National Complete Streets Coalition. They have some incredible information regarding pedestrian safety in America’s largest Metro areas. Unfortunately, Nashville, Memphis, and Chattanooga, as well as Tennessee in general, do not fair very well went it comes to the safety of pedestrians. […]

Pedestrian Accidents are Increasing in Middle Tennessee 2017 was the deadliest year on record for pedestrians in Nashville, according to the group Walk Bike Nashville. The statistics compiled by the group, demonstrate that 23 pedestrians were killed in 2017 alone and that 30% of all Davidson County traffic-related deaths were people who were walking. Middle Tennessee Pedestrian Accident Statistics In fact, according to the statistics […]

Halloween Fun Brings Scary Risks of Pedestrian Accidents

We all know kids (and lot of adults too) love Halloween.  They enjoy putting on their costumes, trick or treating, and of course eating all the candy.  Unfortunately, Halloween has been found to increase the risk to children ages 5-14 years old of being injured in a pedestrian accident.  According to the CDC analysis of information from the […]

What You Should Do If You Are Injured In A Pedestrian Accident

Often people only think of car accidents involving vehicles.  However, it has become more and more common to see accidents involving cars and pedestrians.  In fact, last year there were 451 pedestrian accidents in just Davidson and Rutherford County.   Why Pedestrian Accidents Are So Dangerous These cases involve all sorts of  accidents.  Frequently, they can involve accidents […]

I Just Had an Accident. What Do I Do Now?

maxresdefault At Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers, we get asked “what should I do right after an accident?” all the time.   First, and most important is to protect your health.  If you need medical attention be sure to seek immediate medical care.  Second, if you are physically able, immediately become a case investigator.  Things like […]

Worried About Your Teenage Driver? Take These Steps to Keep Them Safe

Steps to Keep Them Safe

As a parent, there’s nothing more important to you than the safety of your child. It can be a very scary time for parents when their kids start to drive, especially in the Nashville area, where traffic and accidents have both been on the rise for several years. You may be able to start with […]