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Bicycle Riders Facing Increasing Risk of Accidents As we move into summer, bicycle riders will again begin to appear more on our roads. This includes both adult riders as well as children riding bicycles on summer vacation. There are some important numbers to keep in mind so we can all be safe on our roads. In 2016, there were 359 bicycle accidents […]

Factors to Consider Before Accepting a Bike Accident Settlement When it comes to negotiating a settlement after you’ve been injured in a bike accident, patience is a virtue. Your first instinct may be to accept the insurance company’s initial offer and put the accident behind you. However, this is not the wisest approach. You should never accept a settlement until you’ve asked yourself […]

Serious Injuries Caused by a Bike-Vehicle Accident Can Be Devastating Bicycling is a fun, inexpensive, and environmentally beneficial way to get around Tennessee. But the risk of suffering catastrophic injuries is all too real. Without the 3,000-pound protective metal and fiberglass frame of a car or other vehicle, bicyclists are vulnerable to serious trauma—including death. Being involved in any kind of vehicle accident can […]

I Just Had an Accident. What Do I Do Now?

maxresdefault At Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers, we get asked “what should I do right after an accident?” all the time.   First, and most important is to protect your health.  If you need medical attention be sure to seek immediate medical care.  Second, if you are physically able, immediately become a case investigator.  Things like […]