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Uber Eats Worker Attacked By Dog During Nashville Delivery

In April of 2020, our client was out delivering food for Uber Eats. He arrived at a Nashville, Tennessee home to make the food delivery. As he stepped onto the porch, a dog jumped out from the door and attacked him. The dog bit our client’s hand causing painful wounds, and eventually scarring. Our client was forced to quit working as a food-delivery driver for UberEats because whenever he heard a dog barking he became very anxious.

uber eats worker attacked by dog during nashville delivery

Like many people, not only did our client drive for UberEats, but he drove for Uber ride-share as well. After the attack, he had mounting medical bills and wasn’t able to work. So, he called our office for a consultation. We met with him and explained Tennessee dog bite cases are tricky and tough to win; however, we had a plan.

Tennessee’s “residential exception” to the dog bite law applies the “one-bite rule” to cases where the bites or other injuries occurred at a private residence. We believed this case would come down to whether the defendant knew—or should have known—that the dog was aggressive and dangerous. We told him we would need to file a lawsuit in Davidson County Circuit Court.

We filed the lawsuit in 2021. Dog bite cases are almost always lawsuits because the parties, at a minimum, need to go through the discovery process. This allows the parties to uncover important facts, see the strengths and weaknesses of their case, and if necessary build toward a trial. After three years of tough litigation, the parties reached a settlement agreement. Our client hung in there for 4 years! Justice eventually was served.


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