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Client gets attacked by security guards at Downtown Nashville bar

The Downtown Nashville bar scene has been in the news a lot the last few years. Nashville is a huge party destination with honky tonks and country music bars lining the street as far as the eye can see. The city is a magnet for people looking to have a good time. Unfortunately, security at these bars and nightclubs are often not using safe and appropriate ways to maintain security.

In 2021, our client became a victim of negligent security when he was needlessly physically attacked. Our client and some acquaintances were out enjoying the downtown nightlife. One of the men our client was with was intoxicated and was asked to leave the bar. Our client wanted to make sure he left safely, so he walked down the stairs with him. As he came downstairs, his acquaintance and the bouncer were arguing. Our client began to lead his friend out of the exit, when all of a sudden, one of the security guards put his hands on the back of his neck as he was leaving. Our client asked the bouncer politely to “take his hands off his neck.” At that moment, all the bouncers started attacking our client.

client attacked by security at downtown nashville bar

Our client was beaten up and thrown onto the sidewalk. He had trouble walking without a limp, and his face had cuts and bruises. He worked as a skilled laborer and needed to be able to work. So, he went to the emergency room two days later. He was kind enough to let us include some photos of his injuries as we share his story.

When our client came to us, we knew these type cases often come down to minor details. Bars and clubs are chaotic places. After completing our pre-litigation investigation, we believed there was enough evidence to win, so we filed a lawsuit against the downtown bar in Davidson County Circuit Court. Going through the fact discovery process takes time. We told our client that it was going to be a long, tough fight. And, did we ever fight! We fought to prove liability and all the elements necessary to win the case under Tennessee law.

No matter what the bar’s lawyers threw at us, we kept battling. After two years of litigation, and months of back and forth, right before we started preparing for trial, the parties reached a confidential settlement agreement. Weir & Kestner Injury Lawyers successfully held a downtown Nashville bar accountable and helped another client protect his injury rights.


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